Cleaning and Vacuum Loading

Combo Units

Mainland Combo Units allow not only high pressure cleaning of conduits, they also are highly efficient Hydro Excavation and vacuum loading trucks. This enables Mainland to work much more efficiently by having only one vehicle on site in place of the traditional two separate vehicles, thus reducing client costs. The environmental footprint is also drastically reduced by having only one vehicle on site.The units are ADR1 rated with Euro 5 rated engines -which not only allows Mainland access to Petro-Chemical projects but carry a much smaller carbon footprint than most conventional cleaning vehicles.
With their extendable booms the trucks have great ability to access difficult locations aided by the operators remote control unit.


  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Hydro Excavation NDD (non destructive digging)
  • septic Tank Cleaning
  • Vacuum Loading
  • Petro Chemical Industry Cleaning and Debris Removal
  • General Waterblasting

Smaller Units

Mainland also operate some smaller capacity vacuum loading trucks to enable the clearing of smaller capacity conduits, sumps and grease traps.
The smaller vacuum units have the ability to enter tight sites with limited access.
We can use the smaller units in conjunction with our smaller capacity jetting vehicles to aide in cleaning hard to access sites.
The smaller high pressure cleaning vehicle is used to unblock smaller diameter conduits and household laterals.

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