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Using the best in digital camera technology we can inspect every inch of pipe in detail. We can detect, locate new and/or existing pipelines and buried services.

Mainland Pipeline inspections grew from Charlton Hurrell Drainage in 1996. We purchased the only pipeline CCTV camera business operating in the South Island, after a long working relationship with the owner, John Cruikshank from Kaiapoi. Anthony Charlton and John Hurrell have over 50 years combined experience working on Canterbury’s drainage network.

  • Mainland Pipeline Inspections offer the highest quality service available, competitive rates, combined with local knowledge and proven experience.
  • Our staff are qualified CCTV pipeline operators.
  • Residential and Commercial, sewer and stormwater pipeline assessment.
  • All footage undergoes internal auditing at Mainland Pipeline Inspections offices to ensure the highest quality data and attention to detail

Our Services:

  • CCTV of pipelines from 40mm up to and over 2.0 meters in diameter.
  • Waterblast cleaning of multiple sized pipelines.
  • Vacuum removal of waste. (sucker truck).
  • Lateral launch camera – the camera travels along a main pipeline with a secondary camera to CCTV branch lines.
  • Pan and Tilt cameras to inspect features and faults in minute detail.
  • Manual push cameras to inspect smaller lines or hill sites where vehicle access may be an issue.
  • Our cameras can be traced in the pipeline using sonar locators. This is particularly helpful when attempting to find problems underground.

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