With a fleet of five fully equipped survey vehicles Mainland have every possible combination to ensure that the clients needs are met. Our wide range of camera equipment can survey from anything from a 25mm vent pipe to over 2 metre Storm water culverts.
If the conduit cannot be fully evacuated our fully adjustable boat will allow a survey to take place. This unit can traverse up to 300 meters in each survey with the capability to pan and tilt as it travels.
We also utilise a range of pushrod cameras including units that have pan and tilt facilities.

Aerial Photography/Drone

Our state of the art quadcopter is equipped with a 2.7k pan and tilt camera and is capable of travelling over 5 kilometres from any home point. The unit is equipped with GPS and has a live HD camera feed to the controller screen. We can take high quality photographs in both RAW and JPEG format.

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